Life constitutes countless cycles of expansion and contraction. Change is the ever present thrum of the Cosmos. And one of the core seeds of our blooming as Divine souls in a human body is to re-cognise our nature as That which never changes – the Infinite, boundless before-the-before. That for which there is no word, so we craft humble attempts – Source, God, the Great Mystery – to point to That which is everything and nothing.

This is the unchanging, the place of balance and resting in our Beingness. As the butterfly flies from flower to blooming flower, its resting on a petal is the essence of this equilibrium. In the midst of fertilising, spreading new life, there is a place of balance.

And so with Equinox. When light and dark are equal, we poise mid way between seasons on the brink of spring ripening into summer, or fall surrendering to winter.

And here is our human species, observing and experiencing this mass shift and a virus that is re-doing what many believed to be the world order. In the suffering and chaos there are such shoots of what we are called to – to remember our essential essence as interwoven buds of the Divine. We are community. We are inseparable and simultaneously we are a unique blossom on the tree of life.

No-one has “the answers”, as it is more starkly evident than ever that we are a living experiment. Health and economic systems may or may not sustain. We are literally living the questions. And when we can do so from our hearts , from our infinite nature, what a miracle this life dance is!

As individuals we are invited now into several vital places that are so integral to our balance and wellbeing as conscious beings. Even if we feel to be healthy and safe physically, we are asked to be responsible for ourselves and for those we come into contact with. To be vigilant with hygiene; proactive with boosting our immune system; prudent with our physical movements. Not as a result of fear but from social and personal responsibility.

Consequently we are also called to slow right down. To be in our home spaces and reduce the levels of activity and outward movements. What a demonstration of the rebalancing to the feminine inward flow!

We are called to pay attention to the vulnerable in our communities, the less seen, our elders and those who have been labeled as “less valuable” in the delusion of society that is based on economic productivity. This is not our value! We are being drawn to come to the feminine heart in a foundational invitation to reassess how we “do” this life and what we value which reclaims kindness, love, care and community. All of this at a time when there is a wave of mass awakening of consciousness. Not, by any means global, but a very significant one. As the Feminine Divine consciousness has been returning and permeating our consciousness and influencing our ways of living, we are seeing this re-balancing and further disintegration of the patriarchal distortions on which our countries and identities are primarily built. These changes are inevitable now. They can happen gradually and gracefully and they will also come in fiercely. Our planet is showing us unwaveringly that we cannot continue to destroy, consume and dominate as we have been.

For any on a path of evolution, we know the cycle of death and rebirth; contraction and expansion. We know it can get intensely uncomfortable as that which has been hidden and in the illusion of separation come home. And even knowing this, we can benefit from the reminder that the intensity or challenge is actually a result of growth and evolution. Many, many on the planet remain in a different paradigm and so the fear around what is occurring can be overwhelming. Where we have a deeper knowing, this is our practice now to not only live it in the most grounded and practical of ways, through how we choose our movements, our actions, our words but to anchor this equilibrium in the wave of such change. In our rootedness – in body, as Divine light – we each of us are beacons of what is true and real as seas shift and paradigms dissolve. When we unite consciously in this, our power is unimaginable.

Art credit Daniel Holeman

This is Divine balance that is not anchored in false knowing, not information or ideas but in our heart of hearts. It is a balance that seeds from the peace of “this too shall pass”. That every experience in this realm will come and go and everything is transient until we come home to what is. It is equilibrium that lives in compassion not judgement, that does not judge or condemn the responses of any being. There is no “other”. This is Love playing out and singing home deeper levels of fear and structures of separation and control. Whether or not we feel and believe the virus is “man made”, it is created for something greater. Divine intelligence is always at play. There is no greater power. And it is calling us to wholeness, unity and the peace that cannot be shaken.

No-one is immune for we are all fractals of one Light. The suffering, panic, confusion, isolation of any part of the whole is something happening to be met, witnessed and Loved home. And if that feels too much in these times, we have the same endless invitation through our very own self, from every place that vibrates in fear, to come home.

Helen is facilitating a global meditation on Equinox, 19th March, 11am PST to support our re-balancing in Grace and harmony. Details here

Helen is also offering one to one sessions on a donation basis for any who feel a genuine rising to meet, deepen and ground in what is true in these times and who may otherwise be impeded . Email her via her site to book.

Helen is a Cosmic guide, evolutionary, healer, lover and mother here to birth the new through Love right along with you. She has been developing and assisting with embodied awakening internationally for two decades. Find out more on her site, where you can sign up for very occasional mailings and on Facebook and Instagram. You can subscribe on YouTube for free meditation resources and on Insight Timer and Soundcloud.

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